10 February 2020

Bag must be ready packed one month before your delivery date. Why? This is because you do not know when is the baby coming. Baby may come anytime. You won't be panic when suddenly you baby ready to see the world. Whenever there is an emergency, yeah.. inform your husband, mum or helper to bring the bag.

I would prepare two bags:
a. Mummy Bag
b. Baby Bag

For husband bag, I think he can pack anytime as he can in and out anytime. You only need to pack husband bag if he is allow/plan to stay with you.

Mummy Bag
♥ ID
♥ Nursing Bra x 2
♥ Disposable underwear x 2
♥ Wear slipper go
♥ Hair ties
♥ Pyjama x 2
♥ Hair ties
♥ Sock
♥ Jacket 
♥ Phone & Charger
♥ Going home outfit
♥ Makeup bag

Usually provided in the Hospital, please check with hospital and bring if is not provided.

♥ Comb
♥ Powder
♥ Toothbrush
♥ Toothpaste
♥ Small towel

Baby Bag
During the stay there, all diapers, cloths and swaddles are provided. You just need to prepare only going home outfits.

♥ Going home outfit
♥ Cap
♥ Mitten
♥ Sock
♥ Soother
♥ Wipes
♥ Diaper
♥ Receiving blanket/Swaddle
♥ Car seat

Daddy Bag

♥ Pyjamas
♥ Daily clothes
♥ Slipper
♥ Phone & Charger


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