3 March 2021

Why they speech is delay? As they cannot understand our words. So using Picture or scenario related to them or illustrated example will help them understand better.

You can use Picture Exchange Communication as communication with your kids that trying to learn to talk but unable to express the word. These pictures allow them to point and tell you what they want. From there, you guide them to use the word. slowly expand from one word to two words and eventually to a sentences. 

Sometimes we just do not have time to bring our kids to experience the things Nor we have time to use the items. Hence picture vocabulary can let them self learn and also a tools for us to teach our kids.

From these set of picture, children can learn category too. With pictures, you also can teach Where, How, What and When questions. The most important things is guide them on answering the questions. Demonstrate how to answer the questions.

We going to learn WHAT questions here: 


Explain each of the clothes to your child. What is the different and when to wear.

1. What are you wearing now?
A:I am wearing a shirt. 
Try to continue conversation: “what color is your shirt?”
A: I am wearing a blue color shirt
You teach him to continue conversation and expanding of answer instead only describing one. Then continue to ask and more the conversation two way while learning more action and verb.

2. What do you wear when you sleep?
A: I wear pyjamas to sleep.
Can you wear skirt to sleep?
A: No
This is to practise Yes and No questions if his answer on Yes no is not consistently correct.

Days of the Week

They may no understand what is Days of Week about. We have to slowly and repeatedly use in our daily life. On Monday to Friday, you have to go to school. On Saturday and Sunday, it is a weekend and school is not open. 
On Wednesday, you can tell him that today is the third day of the week. 
Every Saturday, we will go to the park. What you need to do, engage them with the days and activity they do. Slowly they will understand what is days.
That's what you do for two weeks. After two weeks, you try to ask them questions on days and let them think more and also help to understand more.

1. What day is today?  Guide them by telling them "today is monday, I have to go school"
2. Which day did you go to the park? "We go to the park on Saturday"
3. Which day come before Friday? (this can help them learn before and after)

They may answer only in one word "Monday". From them slowly elaborate their answer to "Today is Monday". Then following week, teach them to say in full sentence "Today is Monday, I have to go school".

Take one step at a time. Do not teach all the expansion answer in a day. Their pace of learning will takes weeks. 

Months of the Year

Let your child understand that which month is your birthday? When is school holiday month?
1. Which month is your birthday?
2. Which month is mummy birthday?
3. Which month is school holiday?
4. Which month comes after April? (this can help them learn before and after)


1. What colour is your pant?
A: Green
Continue conversation:
2. Do you like Green or Red pant?
Continue converstation:
3. Do you have Red pant?

4. Which colour is White?

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