9 February 2020

Baby cot - Bless by others.

Baby Crib & Mattress
Get a Baby Crib with 3 positions? I only use two positions only. The highest when baby is small, high position is for easy to carry. When baby start can stand and climb, you have to lower the positions.

For breastfeed baby, I would recommend to put side by side of your bed and remove side panel that stick to you bed. 

With this setting, you do no need to walk to baby crib and carry the baby back to feed. It also create more space for you, husband and baby.

I would also recommend to get second hand from carousel as the price is far cheaper than a new cot. It is hard to sell away nowadays as there are many cot seller out there where you can choose seller and bargain.
If you have hygiene concern, just get a new mattress.

Fitted Crib Sheet
I actually find few places if they sell the sheet. Finally I found at Jusco at Malaysia and Ikea.
You should always have space in case diaper over flow. Baby also like to kick, and they able to just kick of the diaper if you do not tighten correctly.
Sheet should also change weekly to make sure baby is always clean from any germs. 

Rocking Chair / Arm Chair
I would suggest something can be convert and use till toddler. Do not need to be rockable. If the baby cannot sleep with the rocker, means you have to bring it to wherever you go including holiday. Baby has build the habit to be rock before they can sleep. Without it, it could create chaotic to your holiday.

Changing table
Cheapest changing table can be found in Ikea. I would recommend to get a changing table instead of doing in bed. There is always accident happen like pee or poo on the bed, oil pour on your bed, another kid jumping on your bed. You have more things to do when those happen. Bed will become more messy when all your oil, cotton, diaper has to put on your bed.

With proper changing table, things will get organise and easily handle by anyone. If you are sleeping on the bed, there is someone else still can help you on changing the baby.
Picture taken from Ikea website.

As baby stuff is still little, so I organise everything on the second level. Once baby things is more, we will need a dresser.

Things that I get from Ikea:
1. Changing table
2. Baby bath 
3. Potty

** Do you know Ikea Johor is cheaper than Singapore. Check both country website and come out with the different. Get all the items in one goal. If saving more than your transportation, why not go over to buy.

Changing Pad
This is needed to put on top of your changing table. If not, your baby will Keep on hitting head on the hard material.

Place to keep baby Cloths. Get a simple or something can last till they are primary. If not, you will be seeing yourself selling in carousel in 2 years time. If you really want it, you can also check carousel to buy in second hand. Cheaper and meet your requirement.

Pillow, bolster & Blanket
Get the one with a lower pillow. Too big or high pillow will create discomfort to the baby. A slight high on the head is needed to prevent vomiting/spit of milk.

Bolster is just to put at both side of the baby to keep baby feel secure like being wrap in the womb.
Blanket just get a just nice thickness. Too hot or too cold will create discomfort to the baby 

Baby wipes 
Prepare at least 4 packs (80 pieces), if cheap get more. You will have to use it till at least the baby can stand so that you can go toilet wash. But when you go outing, you still need it to wipe.

Buy Baby wipe, no alcohol, no smell. You will need more when baby bum.

Get at least 4 packs of New Born. New born baby typically use 4-6 pieces diaper a day. They poo a little a day. If your baby is sensitive to soil, then you have to keep changing to keep the baby happy.

Small pail
I will put a small pail of water at the side of the changing table to dip/wet the cotton to clean poo. It is easier and cleaner than using wet tissue. In the end, I will use wet tissue to wipe/dry baby bum.

You can also use container like this to put water and cleaning up bum. Water has to change daily.

Cotton to clean eye and butt.
For eye, use cooked water of room temperature. It has less germs on cooked water and safer to clean the eye.

For bum cleaning.

I cut into 4 from one cotton for eye cleaning.

Baby Bum Balm & Baby Rashes cream
Bum balm is to apply every time you change the diaper. This is to prevent the bum from rashes. It is optional.
Baby Rashes Cream is only apply when bum has rashes.

Baby Oil
Apply after baby bath so that baby has smooth skin.

Yu Yee Oil
Baby tend to have wind on her tummy, this is a bit spicy which will relieve baby tummy wind.
Mummy that take ginger during confinement, this may result baby tummy windy if you breastfeed the baby.

Check the Full First Time Mummy Checklist here.

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