9 February 2020

Now technology is making our life easier. During my first pregnancy, I have to track all the feeding time, poo time on a book. 
I would suggest to get a bigger screen phone or tablet but not too big tablet (different to carry while moo ing). Care your eye especially at night you have only night light.

With more app choices, we now can find any apps on the store. There is are few recommended:

Baby Tracker App
There is many Baby tracker apps now. I can say mostly has the same functions.
What I track is
- What time I feed the baby
- Feed baby on left or right boob?
- What time I pump my milk?
- For starting, I will also keep track baby poo/pee timing to make sure baby has enough milk.

Just go to your App Store/Play Store, search for baby tracker. There is free and paid app. Just get a free app and is already meeting what we are looking for.

BabyCenter App
When you sign up, it will keep track of your pregnancy to baby growth.
Sometimes you tend to forget how many weeks pregnancy you are. This app also keep me inform and what to expect on that week.
There is also other similar popular App like theasiaparent, what to expect
There will be also email looking like this to you weekly.

When you are pumping milk, you need something to keep away your bored.
Youtube, a place for you to see entertainment news, funny video, music video with advertisement.
Netflix, a place for all movies and drama without advertisements.

Keep you awake when you need to wake up at night.
Easy going game like:
- Candy Crush
- HayDay

Shopping App
This is keep you from bringing baby out so often. Prevent viruses/bacteria exposure.
- Shopee
- Lazada
- Qoo10

Check the Full First Time Mummy Checklist here.

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