2 January 2017

I always thought same brand Milk powder should have same nutrients no matter where we bought. When I going through EnfaGrow Milk powder nutrients (without noticing the origin country), I found why nutrients different from different website and from the picture I took. Yea.. Then I found out is from different country of making.

Let's compare the price for Enfagrow A+ Step 3 as it was used in the longest period and critical period.

At Tesco Malaysia is selling at  126.15 for 1.7kg = Currency 3.1 = $40.70
while at Singapore Fair Price is selling at $85.65 for 1.8kg

After all the calculation for 1.8kg
Malaysia selling at $43
Singapore selling at $85.65

With today currency, Milk powder is cheaper by HALF now compare to olden days.

Singapore Enfagrow made in Netherland 
While Malaysia Enfagrow made in Thailand

Make your choice now weather you want to get from where after compared the price, place of origin and nutrients!

Pada tangkapan saya, tepung susu mesti mengandungi nutrien yang sama tidak kisah ia dibeli dari negera mana. Faktanya Bukan! Saya amat ragu tepung susu jenama apa paling baik untuk anak saya. Saya menyelidik dari internet dan mendapati ruang laman menpunyai data berlainan. Maka, saya baru faham bahawa tepung susu nutrien adalah tidak sama pada negara keluaran berlainan.

Saya guna Enfagrow A+ Step 3 untuk dijadi bandingan kerana Step 3 diguna pada tempoh yang paling lama dan Kritical.

At Tesco Malaysia ia dijual pada  126.15 for 1.7kg = Currency 3.1 = $40.70

Manakala di Singapore Fair Price ia dijual pada $85.65 for 1.8kg

Pengiraan untuk tepung susu 1.8kg
Malaysia menjual pada harga $43

Singapore menjual pada harga $85.65

Singapore Enfagrow keluaran dari Netherland 
Manakala Malaysia Enfagrow keluaran dari Thailand

Saya nyakin dengan fakta ini, anda boleh menbuat bandingan antara harga, tempat buatan dan nutrien bagi anda menbuat pilihan yang bijak bagi anak anda.

The nutrients differences: 


I didn't know that there's a difference for this milk formula for baby. How about Aptamil?


This blog resolved all my queries I had in my mind. Really helpful and supportive subject matter written in all the points. Hard to find such kind of blogs as descriptive and accountable to your doubts.istore


Thanks sis.ur comparation is really helpful.


Didn't notice their difference at firts, luckily, we have not added them on our list of Top 5 Baby Milk Formula in Singapore. Or should we? Hmn


yes i notice when my son said the taste also differents. he dnt want to drink infagrow that i bought from Malaysia


Is there alot of difference? I don't see much. Do correct me.


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