8 February 2020

Feeding & Nursing Essential

Milk bottle - 4 oz
You just need a small milk bottle. Baby only take small intake at time. It's best to pick the slow flow teats for baby to have better control of milk intake.
For me, I prefer a fat bottle instead of a tall bottle. This is because I can put my whole hand it and wash the entire bottle. Tall and thin bottle require a brush to wash it which may not be clean.
How about teats?
Do we need to get a bigger size teat? I Would say no. Use the new born teat fit the baby needs.

Milk Storage bottle
If you do not want to waste money, you can use recycle glass bottle like sauce bottle or chicken essence bottle.

Get at least 7-8 bottles if you are 100% milk pumper. If not, 3-4 bottles would be sufficient for Milk Saver collector. 

Bottle Brush
You just need a brush if you have a thin and tall bottle when your hand cannot reach the bottom of the bottle.
You also need it to brush the place when you screw your cover to the bottle.

Bottle & Dishwasher liquid
Baby may be sensitive to our normal dishwasher liquid. Therefore, get a baby want liquid to wash only baby bottle.

Milk Warmer
When your put your milk to cold or freeze, Milk warmer is the one you need to warm up your milk. 
You no need this as you can use a bowl of hot water to warm it too. It could be more work as you need to boil the water compare to warmer where there is a temperature setting.

Warmer can also be use later to warm up baby puree.

Every bottle and pumping equipment shall be needed to sterilise after every use to kill the germs.
You can also use hot water to do it but you could need more water than a steriliser machine. Steriliser also can sterilise throughly.

Nowadays, steriliser come with dryer too. Price are different too. 

To use for milk feeding. Sometimes baby may burp some milk out after feeding. To avoid soil cloth.
It is more useful when baby start solid food.

Different people has different opinion on pacifier usage.
Which brand to go?
It really depends on baby. Some baby like soft type but some baby like harder type. So you have to really try. I have friends bought 2 brands and the baby only like one of it only.

Do we really need a pacifier?
Again, it really depends on the baby. Some baby like sucking. You can choose to let them suck you, suck their finger or suck a pacifier. Baby that need sucking before they can fall to their sleep, without pacifier they will be hogging you most of the time and you do not have time for your self.
Personally, I would give. There to keep my self free and peace to the baby. 

Are you worry they will keep the pacifier till 7 year old? While, this will depends on your will to cut them off. For me, at 1year old plus, I persuade and talk to toddler on not using pacifier.
Some put chilli on it or cut the pacifier, to let the toddler dislike the way it use to be and eventually they drop off.
Some just forget to bring during their vacation, there were they will use to it and eventually forget about it.

Breast Pump
During old days, we only have few choices like Avent and Medela.
Nowadays, many Korea and china brand came with competitive function and cheap in price. Just get any brand.

Milk Storage Bag
There is 5oz and 8oz storage bag available on market. I usually take the bigger size as I could save more storage space.

Which brand to go? I always go for the cheapest brand or sales brand the day I needed it. All brand is good. 

It will leak or not? 
Usually No unless you are unlucky. I won't spend too much on a better brand that provide 100% no leaking bag compare to 99%. You may need a lot of it as storage bag are not reusable. I mean not for milk again but I reuse again for other purpose like storing my meat, dried item, cutlery and etc. The bag is thick and sealable which is good for other purpose.

Milk Saver Collector
When you are breastfeeding your right side, you left side is leaking. Usually I use milk bottle which sometimes clumsy would topple it and it a bit painful as the bottle top is a bit sharp.

Milk collector hold to your breast tightly and I could save up 2oz per time. Wouldn't it be wasted to breast pad if I never save it.

Nursing pillow
I love nursing pillow because it free up your hand to play your phone or do other stuff.
Without the pillow, I have to carry the baby till I finish fed it.

Nursing Bra
You need this if you are breastfeeding or pumping.
It allow easy access for baby and pumping. Without nursing bra, you have to remove your whole bra to do it. Get 2-3 pieces at least.

Breast pad
You definitely need this. I would not suggest to get the cheapest want. Buying breast pad is like buying pad. You must be able to absorb else you will see your self wet or cloth wet when you are at work. You smell sting with all the milk. I would suggest something that can absorb well. 
Nursing cover 
You can nurse anywhere in public with nursing cover.
Nursing cover is like a big scarf. You can also use a big scarf.

Night light
For you and for baby. Midnight where you wan to check your baby, this light will give you some insight.
Sometimes baby cannot sleep, with some night light they can stare and sleep.
For me, I really need it as I need to see in case I awake at night to see she is alright. Without this night light, I have to walk over to switch on the light.
Second solution is to configure Smart Home. What is Smart Home?

Vacuum Flask
You need to bring hot water out to warm you milk or to make milk powder.
Do not anyhow pick a brand for this. Pick a vacuum flask that can hold the hot water for a long time. Some flask can only keep the water hot for few hours which is not enough when you need to be out for long hour.
Flask size no need to be huge as we only need some water to warm up the milk only. Hot water can also easily get from baby room or restaurant.

Bottle - optional
To have warm bottle to mix with hot water to make milk powder.

*Picture is for your understanding and not encourage for the brand.

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