17 February 2020

Baby grow fast during the first 6 months. New born cloth can only last 2-3 months at most, then you need to change size. Do not buy the over size  cloth as you will experivee their diaper keep dropping, the pant keep dropping. Babies are good at kicking, they can kick off their pant and loose diaper.

Buy the right size with few sets. You will need to change the the sizes every few months depends on your baby growth.

Swaddle - 3 sets
There is 3 types of swaddles. One with Velcro, one with zip and the traditional way which is only cloth.
The one with velcro is the second expensive and able to meet your needs.
Swaddle with zip is more expensive but there is no worry baby hand/leg will escape from the wrap.

Rompers. - 3 sets

Button shirt and long pants - 3 sets
Try getting button shirt instead of shirt. It is easier to handle to dress button cloth.
For shirt or romper, make sure the head part is elastic so that baby head can go in easily.

There is two types of pant. One is the normal pant and one is the one come with socks. The second option must get the right size, else baby will able to kick off their pant out. With the second option, you no need to worry about having sock. As I noticed sock will also keep fell off when baby kick too.

Mittens - 4 - 6 sets
Is needed to prevent hand cold and scratching himself. Baby do not how to control the hand yet. It will just keep moving and scratch himself.

Sock - 4 - 6 sets
From the elderly, it is best to keep their leg warm even till their toddler by wearing sock to prevent easily get sick.

Cap - 2 pieces
As baby scalp is not fully develop yet and some baby has less hair. Cap to use when going outdoor to safe guard baby head.

Baby Laundry liquid 
Normal laundry liquid may have too strong chemical ingredients inside which will cause rashes or eczema to baby skin. Therefore for precautions, we will use baby laundry liquid for the start and slowly change to normal detergent once baby is stronger.

Baby hooded towel
I love this hooded towel, after you bath your baby, you can easily dry the head with the hooded and also cover the baby from being cold when bringing baby to change.

Baby Hooded Blanket - Optional
It is useful when you bring your baby out especially when raining. Hooded can cover baby head and body perfectly instead of using a wrap.

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