10 February 2020

For First time mummy, You must get ready with items and guides on hand.
After delivery, you will be exhausted. It is best to have good rest rather than stressing yourself on why and how questions.
Get yourself equipped than being annoyed by why baby is crying. Therefore, there is always cases mother got depress after delivery. They are unable to cope with the new responsible.

I have list the necessity below and what to expect. It is a long list, start preparing on 5th month of your pregnancy. My preparation is just simple and get only what is needed only.

Why 5th month?
- Where you have no more motion sickness and your pregnancy is stable.
- Second trimester is the best to go shopping as your tummy is still small and you can still move around easily.
- By Second trimester, you already know your baby gender. It will be easier for you to pick color.

  1. Baby Crib & Mattress
  2. Fitted Crib Sheets
  3. Rocking Chair / Arm Chair
  4. Changing table
  5. Dresser
  6. Pillow
  7. 2 Bolsters
  8. Blanket
  9. Baby wipes - 4 packs (80 pieces)
  10. Diaper - New Born - 4 packs 
  11. Small pail - put water to dip cotton to clean poo
  12. Cotton - to clean eye and butt
  13. Diaper cream - in case butt having red
  14. Baby Oil
Read the details here.

Feeding & Nursing Essential
  1. Milk bottle - 4 oz
  2. Milk Storage bottle
  3. Bottle Brush
  4. Bottle & Dishwasher liquid
  5. Milk warmer
  6. Bottle Steriliser
  7. Food 
  8. Bib
  9. Pacifier
  10. Breast pump
  11. Milk storage bag
  12. Milk Saver Collector
  13. Nursing pillow
  14. Nursing Bra
  15. Breast pad
  16. Nursing cover - need to nurse baby when going out
  17. Night light
  18. Vacuum Flask
Read the details here.
What to prepare for milk pumping? Read here.

Bath & Body
  1. Hooded Towel
  2. Head to Toe Body Wash
  3. Wash Cloth - 4 pieces
  4. Baby tub

  1. Swaddle - 3 sets
  2. Rompers. - 3 sets
  3. Button shirt and long pants - 3 sets
  4. Mittens - 4 - 6 sets
  5. Sock - 4 - 6 sets
  6. Cap - 2 pieces
  7. Baby Laundry liquid 
  8. Baby hooded towel
Read the details here.

Baby Gear
  1. Stroller
  2. Car seat
  3. Diaper Bag
  4. Portable changing bag
  5. Sling carrier

Safety & Health
  1. Nail Clipper
  2. Thermometer
Phone App
  1. Baby Tracker App
  2. BabyCenter App
  3. Youtube/Netflix
  4. Games
  5. Shopping App
Read the details here.

For Mum
  1. Maternity Pad/ Night pad - 2 packs
  2. Binder
  3. Button Shirt
  4. Sign up BabyCenter
Read the details here.

  1. Baby Poo Color Indicator
  2. How much milk does baby need? Read here.
  3. How to store Breast Milk? Read here.
  4. How to thaw the Milk? Read here.
  5. How to breastfeed?
  6. What to expect on delivery day?

Check the Hospital Bag Check list here too.


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