For your kids to learn fast, as a parent you must coach one to one. I know is tiring, but just coach one to one for 3 days, they pick up! then revise for a week. It stored in their brain permanently!

FLASH CARD is the key word

So, i started with
a) 3 letters word
b) word that related to them and they understand
c) easy pronounce
d) same vocal

My first day list end with AT
a) CAT
b) BAT
c) HAT
d) FAT

Its goes well, and she is confident. I keep repeating till she was so excited that she think is easy.
Of course, she may not remember the word sometimes, help and give her hints. Let her feel confident and proud. Make her thrilled and wanted to learn more.

I continue to test on second days but i added another 3 words to it.

e) PET
f) GET
g) NET

I keep adding 3-4 words daily and continue to test the above list everyday..
Now she can read all..

h) WIN
i) PIN
j) BIN

k) HOT
l) POT
m) LOT
n) DOT

To make our reading fun, something i wrote on the paper and let her circle.
I wrote on the white board, i point and she read.
If she read correctly, i give her a M&M chocolate, if wrong, she have to return the chocolate to me. So in the end, the remaining will be her rewards.

Kids get bored easily. remember just change slightly the way of reading and they will be thrilled.

Key words book is also good. I like to use Peter and Jane book. The keep repeat the key word over the pages will keep the kid remember the words and getting more confident as they able to read it.