9 February 2020

After delivery, as a mum you should prepare items after check out from hospital.
You are in pain and tired. So early preparation is encourage.

Maternity Pad
You can get maternity pad or night pad. You will have heavy flow up to a month. Stock at least 2 packs of maternity pad.

What's the different between maternity pad and night pad?
Both are long. Maternity pad are thicker without wing while night pad is thinner with wings.
I prefer with wings as it won't overflow till your underwear. On the other hand, as it is too thin, I always afraid it can't handle the heavy flow.

For me, I use maternity pad for the first 2 weeks and night pad for the remaining days. These I won't over stock my maternity pad.

You need it when you caesarean.  To bind your wound so that lesser pain when you walk to toilet and up down bed.

To prevent too much pain. Ask for pain killer and walk with binder. You can walk actually walk on the second day of your caesarean. Measure your waist and there is different sizes on store to choose.

Button Shirt
This is for you easy access for you to reach the milk rather than a t-shirt that you need to all up.
For me, I will wear button shirt or nursing dress. Nursing dress/cloth could be more expensive than a button shirt.

Sign Up BabyCenter
Sign up BabyCenter. it will update you weekly on your pregnancy progress and progress of you baby till toddler.

Check the Full First Time Mummy Checklist here.

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