31 March 2020

Every kids have different pace of learning. Preschool syllabus are designed to cater for majority child. There are children that not belong to the majority range. They maybe a slow learner or born as genius. For slow learner we have to design a special syllabus that dedicated to them so that they can be back on track. 

EIP is aim to support children that have development delay. It covers overall skills that the kid should have on their age.

Before you enrol your child to EIP, they will do an assessment to know your child condition. If is a mild development issue, they may suggest to you to other courses pertaining to their delay like Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and so on.

Different children has different deficiency. Some may have social communicating deficiency while some may be on motor skills. Therefore, there is no One syllabus for all. When come to EIP, there will be a pre-assessment for each child on 5 domains: 

a. Cognitive

Like Phonics sound. Understand more vocabulary and concepts. 

b. Adaptive

Like self Help Teaching them to bath, go toilet, put on shirt, put on socks and etc.

c. Social communication

Use words then follow by sentences instead of pointing. 

d. Fine Motor

Like using scissor, writing and drawing.

e. Grass motor

Like throw/kick the ball. Climbing or hopping.

From there, goals will be set for each of the children. In other words, every children will have different goals.

EIP class is usually small with 3-4 students. It has to be small as teacher has to attend to every different child needs and work on the goals set. It has to be in a class instead of one to one as they can learn to Social and communicating.

The earliest your child attend EIP classes the better. The younger the child is, the easier to correct them and EIP only available from age 2 to 6. It is also to prepare them to attend Primary 1. It's help the family!

In the end, it is still back to you! Read here to learn how you can start to keep your little one up to speed.

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