20 March 2020

Breastfeeding is amazing. The moment baby latch on it, both mum and baby already know their roles. ButThere is always situation that baby cannot latch due to various reason.

Breastfeeding is like business. When there is demand, there is supply. Therefore starting, there is not so much milk. Business just start, your body do not know how much milk is needed and baby actually do need only few spoon of milk when they just born. The more the baby suck, the more the milk kicks in. 

Try with baby sucking every 3 hours. If baby sleep more than 3 hours, try to wake the baby up.

How to know baby is having sufficient milk?
The first 3 days make sure baby has poo and pee. If yes, that is a pass! After few weeks, you will notice baby has lesser poo. It's normal as baby able to absorb all the nutrient. Just make sure the diaper is wet.

After returning work
- You can do Breastfeed before and after work and pump during working. I will do 2 times at work, one before lunch and one at tea time.
- Prepare BreastFeeding clothes or button clothes that enable express easily. Breastfeeding cloth a bit costly but nice while button shirt is cheaper and you can get more choices.
- Plan you express timing so that you can juggle between work and express breast milk.
- Prepare your breast pump, milk storage bag, reusable ice pack and Cooler bag to keep your milk.
- For baby, you will need to prepare milk bottle and warmer if needed.
- Communicate with your baby child taker on the timing of feeding and how much feeding per time.
- Some baby may not able to go back breastfeeding, so be prepare to be full time pumping.

My advice
Try to breastfeed/express milk as long as possible. Breast milk baby are not prone to sick. It also give win win situation to Mummy and baby. Mummy get to slim down and baby get the best precious gift of mankind.

My another advice is if you have a complicated situation, do not stress or insist of doing it. You must be healthy first as the baby need you the most. 

Mentally Prepare
You will be definitely physically and mentally fatigue. You will have interrupt sleep as baby wake up at night. I would not suggest feed on demand but feed on routine. First 2 months, try to feed every 3 hours and after 3rd month you can train to feed every 4 hours.

Seek help from other of your family and spouse and make time to rest. Rest will give make you sober to continue. While baby is nap, you go rest too instead of doing housework. 

You could be exasperated when milk supply go low. First keep your mood up first, then you be able to think rationally. Read here to find how to boost your milk and what decrease your milk supply?


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