20 March 2020

If you ask me what is the booster food, I would say is different for different people. But i would list down foods that will boost majority mummy breast milk.

First, you must be well-hydrated and well-balanced diet. This first step is to ensure that you are giving a quality milk to your baby. Do not think to lose weight first, give yourself at least 6 months to lose the weight from your pregnancy. If you think about loose weight and yield more milk, the conflict could add stress to you.

Tips to yield quality milk
- Drink adequate water. Some believe red dates drink, Bubble tea, oat milk, milk will boost the milk.
- Sleep well as your body need energy to produce milk.
- Eat well-balanced meals 
- Some say durian boost the milk.
- Fenugreek are well-known of milk booster. You can get Fenugreek tea from IHerb website.
- Take fruits daily. Avocado and banana are nutrition.

Food that kills the milk supply
- Coffee or Tea
- Alcohol
- Spicy Food

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