20 March 2020

When come to Baby Gear, you have to do a lot research and also what do you want?

What is your budget range?
What is the functionality needed?
What age group?
Where to get it?

You definitely going to change your stroller during the growth from bay to toddler. Stroller come with different size for different age group and also features.
You need how many declined stages? For baby stage, you definitely need a stroller that can totally flat down. For toddler stage, you need a bigger and more decline stages as they would want to sit up. As they grow older, you need a simply stroller as it less heavy and you do not need more compartment to bring more things.

Light stroller easily toppled when you hand more things but heavy stroller are more difficult to manage especially for lady to carry and move up and down from car.

Cheap stroller is hard to navigate when toddler is heavy compare to a better brand.

If you have two kids, would you consider a twins stroller? or a sit and stand stroller? Twins stroller if is too heavy, it really use a lot of energy to push.

For me, I just get second hand stroller from carousel as I can have a good bargain for a good stroller there. Secondly, I able to try especially the twin stroller and manage to sell back at the same price after found that it is not really useful.
A twin McLaren stroller, I can get at $150 at carousel and is a very nice and well maintain stroller. 

Car seat
When come to car seat, make sure it is safe brand. Buckle must not easily being able to unbuckle by the toddler. Therefore, buckle part is the main thing you have to check.

Car seat also come with 3 declare stages, so for baby or toddler time, they can decline more to sleep. When they grow taller, and do not need so much sleep, it can sit up. Some can remove the top and become seat booster to lift up their seat higher.

Diaper Bag
Always choose the lightest bag because when the things that you need to carry is lot and heavy. With heavy bag, it like carry rock out everyday.

It should have more compartment to separate between Food and diaper. When baby start solid food, you will have to bring food & water. you need to have a different compartment so that it won't wet you baby cloths. If you do not have compartment for that, you might need to carry a different bag for food. 

Portable changing bag
 Even nowadays there is nice and clean baby room, but there is still germ or bacteria that we could not see. Therefore, putting another layer of portable changing bag before changing the baby.

Portable changing bag also useful as you can change at stroller, car or sofa for emergency cases.

Sling carrier
When you go shopping alone with baby, sling carrier come handful. You will always have your hand to browse item.
I use sling carrier at home too. I need to do my house work and baby need carry. Sling helps a lot.

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