How to use the Image File in LittleOne?


How to use:

1. Right click the image --> Save Image As to your folder/photo gallery.

2. You can either download and print it out. or

2. You can download as photo into your phone or tablet. Edit the Photo and write your answer in using your finger or phone pencil if is available.

In IPhone/IPad:

1. Hold the picture and a menu pop up — select Add to photos

2. Go to Photos —> open up the Photo —> click Edit on top right

3. You will see this after clicking Edit. Click on the Pencil icon on the top right.

4. There will be a set of stationery appear below. Choose pen to start drawing to the image or erase if there is any mistake.

5. Click done to save! 

It is easy to save all students score digitally! It is also easy to share image and store for year end assessment.

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