3 March 2021

Learn before and after.

You can draw what he usually do. Things that related to your little one. This is what my little one do every morning he get up from bed.

He is start to show improvement using “after”, but “before” still vague. He start to master it after 2-3 weeks of practise. Children need pictures for them to visualise and understand what that word means. They will be able to understand easily with example related to them.
Then they can start use it daily.

First explain the picture in sequence here. Highlight the word Before and After during the explanation.


1. What do you do before Brush teeth?

2. What do you after Wear Mask?

3. What do you do before drink milk?

4. What do you do after wear Shoe?


1. What day come after Monday?
2. What day come before Wednesday?
3. What day come after Friday?
4. What day come before Monday?


1. What year come after February?
2. What year come before September?
3. What year come after April?
4. What year come before January?

Always show him the picture above when asking. Change the question and practise till he got the concept right.

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