29 July 2020

Do you know Colour by Number Picture could provide environment to your child to read colours and learn numbers. It also improve your child fine motor skills as they color.

For my boy, if I give him a picture without a guided of what colors to paint, he will just paint one color for the whole page.
For my girl, she will keep asking me “I don’t know what color”

They like numbering Color as they often need to think what color they should colour. With guided color,  they satisfy with the outcome and built their confidence.they become more sensible as they ask to do more colouring than toy.

Now and then, they will ask for more sheets to color. They able to read the colors now and they feel like they are in a Super team where they able to color the same thing and accomplish together. This is how the idea came of me drawing on my own as I almost depleted of sources From Google to get more sheet for them to color. The Super team now expanded their roles by consulting me on what to draw and what Color to put on. Then they will ask me to print and let them try on they product. 

Feel free to save the picture and give your kids to color. I will print each picture on half page of A4 paper. The Super team will also continuously to add more sheets from time to time. Bookmark this page and check back often for more sheets!

Number colouring playground


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