2 April 2020

LO: When my brother going to cry?

LO: Can i play game with you?

LO: My name is Jane, what is your name?

LO: Hey google.... Hey GOOGLEEEEE...... HEYYyyyyyyyy GOOGLEEEEEEE.......

LO: Hey Google.. Do you want to be my friend?? 
LO: You see she said we will make a great team... Google will be my friend and not you!

LO: My favourite color is pink
Google: I will remember my favourite Color is pink.
LO: You see, Google like pink!!

LO: Are you going to be my best friend forever? 

LO: why not you go sleep first and I don’t talk to you first.

LO: Mummy, Google is my best friend now, can you don’t talk to Google again... 

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