20 October 2015

There are situations where a mother cannot breastfeed the baby directly due to various reasons. No worry, you can still express your milk and store to be feed on bottle.

Breast Milk Expression can be done by using hand or a breast pump.

A Frequent expression will help increasing of milk production but never too frequent as your breast will swell when you did not express on time.

Refrigerated Storage (Approx. -4 °C )
Frozen Storage (Approx. -18 °C )
Freshly Expressed Milk
24  Hours
3 Months - 6 Months

Frozen milk should be thaw naturally by putting breast milk to thaw overnight at the refrigerator.
To thaw the breast milk taken out from freezer, put the frozen breast milk or bottle in the container of warm water (approx. 40°C) and change the water frequently to allow milk to warm up faster.

Alternatively, you can use a warmer to warm it where you can set the warmer at 40°C.

- Thawed milk should be disposed if is not use
- Do not refreeze breast milk
- Breast milk should not be thawed using microwave

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